All first-year full-time applicants on all Embury qualifications at all three Embury campuse who pay their deposits before the end of November 2017 will be eligible to win the following bursaries:

1. Three students (one per campus) will get a full bursary for their 1st-year post-deposit outstanding tuition fee. This excludes any textbooks and device fees.

2. Three students (one per campus) will get R20 000 off their 1st-year post-deposit outstanding tuition fee.

3. Thirty-three students (11 per campus) will get R10 000 off their post-deposit outstanding tuition fee. Four of these R10 000 bursaries per campus will be reserved for those who attend our open days.

Terms and conditions

1. This bursary scheme only applies to the following people:

a.  1 st -year applicants who have never before studied with Embury.
b.  Applicants must be accepted to study full-time on one of Embury’s formal qualifications (higher certificate, diploma, degree or advanced diploma).
c.  Applicants must be accepted to study on one of Embury’s campuses in Durban, Montana or Waterfall (not distance learning).
d.  Applicants must have paid their tuition deposits of R10 000 before the end of November 2017.
e.  Applicants must qualify academically to study a formal qualification at Embury.

2. The bursary only applies to South African citizens.

3. No person can apply for this bursary. Qualifying applicants will automatically be entered into a lucky draw in December 2017.

4. The post-deposit amount is the outstanding tuition amount after the deposit of R10 000 has been paid. For example, if the tuition fee is R45 000, the post-deposit amount is R35 000.

5. The winners will be selected by Embury, and no correspondence will be entered into with those who did not win a bursary.

6. Winners will be announced on the Embury website ( in December 2017.

7. The bursary amount won will be deducted from the outstanding tuition fee.

8. The bursary amount won will only apply once-off related to the 2018 tuition fee and cannot be claimed in subsequent years.

9. The bursary amount excludes any textbook or tablet-laptop device fees.

10. Bursary winners may be requested to appear in Embury’s promotional material.

11. The bursary amount won cannot be combined with any other discount awarded by Embury, such as the early bird enrolment discount or discounts for distinctions. In cases where a student wins a bursary but also qualifies for an early bird discount or a discount for distinctions, the bursary amount will be the only discounted amount allowed.

12. Students who win a R10 000 bursary on their tuition fee at one of Embury’s open days will only qualify for the bursary after they had paid the R10 000 deposit, and if they meet all the requirements in points 1 a. to e. above.